Do Baby Guinea Pigs Need Water?

Do Baby Guinea Pigs Need Water

Guinea pigs are super-adorable and low maintenance pets. These cute little creatures don’t have many requirements, but you should pay attention to the requirements that they have. When it comes to essentials, many new guinea pig owners ask, “do baby guinea pigs need water?” In this article, we will discuss this question and other related questions.

Water is an essential requirement for all living things and creatures. So, yes, baby guinea pigs need water to sustain themselves. As a pet owner, you should always make sure that your baby guinea pig has access to clean and healthy drinking water.

How Much Water Do Baby Guinea Pigs Drink in a Day?

Some baby guinea pigs consume around 50 to 60 ml of water a day, while some drink 200 to 300 ml. It is pretty normal for their water consumption to vary on a daily basis.

However, sometimes baby guinea pigs don’t drink water, which worries their owners.

The amount of water guinea pigs consume depends largely on their body weight. On average, 20% of their weight is the quantity of water they consume daily.


Factors Affecting the Water Consumption of Baby Guinea Pigs

The amount of water guinea pigs consume depends largely on their body weight. On average, 20% of their weight is the quantity of water they consume daily.

The amount of water baby guinea pigs consume depends on a few other factors as well, such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Indoor heating/cooling
  • Their diet
  • Convenience and ease

These are described in detail below.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can have a serious impact on the water consumption of your fluffy little pet.

Your baby guinea pig is more likely to consume higher quantities of water during summers. Due to the cold and chill winter weather, your guinea pig’s daily water consumption might be relatively normal or low.


Indoor Heating / Cooling

If you maintain the temperature of the cage, your baby guinea pig will have a normal water consumption. However, if the temperature is high, they will consume more water.


Their Diet

The diet of your guinea pig has an impact on water consumption levels.

If you incorporate healthy and juicy vegetables and fruits in your baby guinea pig’s diet, you will notice a decrease in their water consumption levels. This is because they receive ample amounts of fluid through their diet already.


Convenience and Ease

The ease and convenience with which a baby guinea pig can drink water also affect their water consumption.

During their initial stages, they might find it pretty difficult to drink water through bottles and just refrain from consuming water overall.


How Can You Give Water to Your Baby Guinea Pig?

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You need to figure out a way to provide your baby guinea pig with water in a way that they are most comfortable with. Moreover, you also need to ensure that they have access to this water source at all times.

There are various ways to provide your guinea pigs with fresh water. Nevertheless, the choice of the means of water depends highly on the preference of your baby guinea pig.

You will have to start with a few trials and experiments to see the kind of water system your baby pet prefers.


Do Baby Guinea Pigs Drink Water from Bottles?

Many pet owners use plastic and glass bottles to provide their baby guinea pigs with water. However, all these bottles come with their own fair share of problems.

Both glass and plastic bottles are attached outside the cage with a pipe-like nozzle reaching inside the cage through which guinea pigs can sip their water.

Bottles are usually better for guinea pigs as they are less prone to contamination and are easier to fill.

Even though plastic and glass bottles are widely used, they still come with their cons.

These kinds of bottles require baby guinea pigs to use their tongue to hit the ball in the nozzle for the water to come out. This makes it extremely tough for them to drink enough water at once.


Do Baby Guinea Pigs Drink Water from Sippy Bottles?

Guinea Pig Sippy Bottle

Sippy bottles are way better than standard bottles when it comes to giving your baby guinea pig water.

It is quite easy and convenient for your baby guinea pig to drink water from this kind of bottle as they only need to raise the gib of the nozzle to get a supply of water.

Using a sippy bottle leads to high water consumption since they are easier than standard bottles. So, yes, guinea pigs do drink water from sippy bottles, and in fact, prefer them over bottles.


Do Baby Guinea Pigs Drink Water from a Bowl?

Water Bowl

Yes, they do. However, if you do use bowls, the only catch is that you need to use heavy ceramic bowls to keep your pet from tipping them over.

Little guinea pigs tend to place their front paws in front of the bowl while drinking, causing the bowl to topple over.

Baby guinea pigs that haven’t learned how to drink water from bottles should be given water in bowls so that they do not suffer. Moreover, drinking from a bowl is super-easy for them as they can just dip their head into it.


Can Baby Guinea Pigs Drink Tap Water?

Tap Water

Pet owners are often perplexed as to what kind of water they should give their baby guinea pigs. They often have to choose between distilled water, tap water, and any other special water.

The key is to give your baby guinea pig water that is okay for you to drink.

You should avoid giving your little pet distilled water. Instead, opt for simple filtered tap water. Moreover, always make sure that the water you give them is free of chemicals and contamination.


Can Baby Guinea Pigs Drink Cold Water?

Cold Water

Yes, baby guinea pigs can drink cold water. However, it is only appropriate to give them chilled water during summers.

Regardless, it is preferable that you stick to giving them water at room temperature. Moreover, you shouldn’t even consider giving them warm water as they will refuse to drink it.


Can I Add Any Supplements to the Water for My Baby Guinea Pigs?

There are a variety of vitamin supplements and medicines out there that you can add to the water you are giving your baby guinea pig. However, adding supplements is not recommended as most guinea pigs don’t like drinking such water.


Teaching Your Baby Guinea Pig to Drink From the Bottle

During their tender age, baby guinea pigs prefer drinking water from bowls rather than bottles due to their ease and convenience. But, after a while, you should focus on encouraging them to consume water from bottles as it is more hygienic.

You don’t need to fret too much about it, though. Baby guinea pigs are quick learners and will learn how to feed on bottles by observing their parents or elders.

Having said that, what you can do is encourage them by placing a small ceramic container below the tip of the bottle.


Other Sources to Maintain the Fluid Intake of Your Baby Guinea Pig

Vegetables and Fruits

Guinea pigs can hydrate themselves through fruits and vegetables as well.

In fact, some veggies and fruits, such as cucumbers and oranges, contain such high degrees of fluids that your baby guinea pig doesn’t require water to fulfill its hydration requirements.


Conclusion: Do Baby Guinea Pigs Drink Water

To conclude, like all other living things, baby guinea pigs need water to survive. This is why you should give them access to clean and fresh water at all times.

Moreover, if your baby guinea pig doesn’t have enough water to drink for over a day, they can get dehydrated and have liver problems. In this case, take them to a vet immediately.

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